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Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Insulating the walls of your home is a very important step to help combat rising energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. This is because around a third of all of the energy lost from an un-insulated property is lost through the walls*.

Cavity wall insulation fills the air space between the interior and exterior walls of your home to help reduce the amount of energy passing through the wall. It helps to regulate the heat in your property, meaning your home will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

*Source: Energy Saving Trust website, March 2014


ThermaBead Carbon Saver

The thermal performance of many homes in the UK are well below the standards required by current building regulations. ThermaBead Carbon Saver offers an innovative new way to improve the energy efficiency of many of these properties.

Up to 20% more efficient than standard fibre insulation, ThermaBead Carbon Saver is a grey bonded-bead system that is pressure blown in to the cavity in your walls by a specially designed injection gun. The material acts like a tea cosy surrounding your home, trapping the heat and keeping your house cosy and warm. The beads have been thoroughly tested and will not deteriorate over time; they will also not be unduly affected by any resultant improvement works on your home such as fitting new double glazing. Fully fire resistant and with full BBA approval for use in even the most extreme of conditions, ThermaBead Carbon Saver fully satisfies the latest exacting standards for energy efficiency in the building industry.

“Our 40,765 cavity wall insulation customers from 2012 can collectively expect to save around £5,503,275 on their 2013 energy bills.”

Key Features and Benefits

•  Reduces heat loss rates by around 70%
•  Standard fibre insulation is 24% less efficient than  ThermaBead Carbon Saver
•  Cost effective – Average unsubsidised payback is under 4 years
•  Installed in a couple of hours with minimal disruption
•  BBA approved
•  Lasts as long as the building

Potential annual saving

Approximate annual CO2 saving

Up to £250

Around 1040kg

*Source: Energy Saving Trust website, March 2014. Estimated figures based on insulating a detached, gas-heated home.

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