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The system is a Cavity Wall Insulation system comprised of expanded polystyrene beads that are coated with an approved adhesive and injected into the cavity wall of a building to reduce thermal heat loss.


The Basic System

The ThermaBead system consists of polystyrene beads expanded to a specific size and a contact bonding agent being injected by compressed air simultaneously through a single injector into a cavity, forming a homogenous insulating mass that, when set, provides a barrier giving permanent reduction in the heat loss of the external skin of the building.

Under certain circumstances it may be specified that the polystyrene beads are to be installed without a bonding agent. The procedure outlined within this operation manual remains the same, with the exception being Adhesive Flow Rates. Unbonded installations must be clearly marked on all installation documentation.

The materials are safe, do not affect the fire resistance of the building or allow water to cross the and, for as long as it is left undisturbed, it is structurally sound for the life of the property.


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