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Our customers want us to get it ‘right first time’. ThermaBead cavity wall insulation ensures that all relevant personnel are competent to deliver projects to the standards set by the appropriate technical specifications, for which they have the appropriate reference information available and they are compliant with those technical specifications along with regulatory and performance standards.

Our quality management systems include the management of customer interfaces, complaints and satisfaction surveys and are supported by an audit schedule to ensure delivery.

We strive to deliver total satisfaction to our customers in every aspect of our work and believe that we achieve this objective.


Our customer care key deliverables are:
  Responsibility, Ownership, Politeness and Timeliness of Communication
We believe that increased awareness of us as a company can alleviate anxiety regarding intrusion into homes.

Customers appreciate full and frank communication and discussion of works prior to their undertaking.

  Care and Consideration
Customers appreciate treatment as individuals with individual needs and care of their personal belongings and property. Special needs are addressed as appropriate.


Making ourselves available is crucial to engender confidence and trust.


Engenders confidence and customer satisfaction.


Ensuring all of our personnel know how to communicate effectively and efficiently.

Ensuring our workforce represent the company in a professional manner and provide security identification.

Timeliness of contact with our customers is critical.

  Monitoring, Auditing and Reviewing
This is important to ensure that we are continuingly improving.