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Bead Description

The ThermaBead system of bonded bead cavity insulation utilises a specially manufactured grade of closed cell polystyrene beads, in the size range of 2mm-9mm in diameter. The target mean density of the beads is in the range of 12 +/- 2 kgm³.


Bonding Agent Description

The ThermaBead bonding agent is a water-based dispersion of acrylic co-polymer emulsion, white in appearance and is non-hazardous.


Storage of Materials – Beads

The manufactured beads are stored in specially constructed silos and are transported into and out of the silos using specially designed “venturi” type fans, to ensure that no damage can occur to the beads. The beads can also be transferred from the storage silos into bulk vehicle containers or installation vehicles adapted to accommodate bulk bead carrying capacity, or be decanted into suitably sized hessian or polythene bags.


Storage of Materials – Bonding Agent

The bonding agent is supplied direct from the manufacturer in plastic drums/containers (usually 200 litres). The product is ready to use and can be decanted into smaller containers for ease of handling. No special handling precautions are necessary; the material should be stored at a temperature of between 5°C and 35°C and be protected from frost and direct sunlight.


Delivery and Storage


Transportation of Materials


The polystyrene beads can be transported to site in either specially constructed installation vehicles with bulk bead carrying capacity or in hessian/polythene bag containers.

The bulk bead carrying vehicles have been specially designed to allow bead to be loaded into the vehicles bulk storage compartment via a “venturi” fan. Bead can then be drawn off for use, using the vehicles on-board compressor utilizing the “venturi” action created by the injection device, via the bead hoses connected to the bead outlet in the bead container unit.



The bonding agent is decanted into easily transportable plastic or polythene drums that are easy to use and easily stored on the vehicles. The bonding agent is dispensed into the on-board stainless steel bonding agent cylindrical container, to enable it to be pressurised by compressed air for controlled metering into the injection device.



The ThermaBead adhesive is delivered in a dilute state, which is ready for use in either 200kg drums or 1 tonne IBC containers.

The adhesive must not be allowed to freeze or come into contact with extreme heat. Ideally it should be kept at a temperature of between 10-20°C.

The adhesive is decanted into smaller drums, which are more easily used on the installation vehicle when filling the adhesive pressure vessel.

When examined the adhesive will be creamy white in colour and should contain no sediment or lumps, which could block the adhesive lines and jets in the injection guns.