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Good insulation is key to achieving heating comfort for your home. It reduces both heat loss and heat gain, meaning your home will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer. It can also decrease the demand on heating systems as you will require less energy to reach the same temperature when you have insulated your home, therefore cutting back on heating costs.


ThermaBead Diamond Bead

For homes with cavity walls (two layers of bricks with a hollow space between) our ThermaBead Diamond product offers a revolutionary new way to improve your home’s energy efficiency. It is significantly more energy efficient than traditional materials such as mineral wool, polysterene bead and fibre.

The grey bonded-bead system satisfies the latest, exacting standards for energy efficiency in the building industry. The special material settles into the cavity leaving very little space between beads, which, coupled with a unique manufacturing method, means an optimum level of heat is being bounced back into the property.

ThermaBead Diamond is made from a material which will not shrink, crack, settle or be unduly affected if you need to remove any of the outer brickwork or replace any windows. It is also fully fire retardant and approved for use in even the most extreme of conditions.

“Improve the thermal performance of your home’s walls by as much as 77% with ThermaBead Diamond.”

Key Features and Benefits

•  A lambda value of just 0.032
•  Standard fibre products are 28% less efficient than ThermaBead Diamond
•  Reduces heat loss from walls by around 73 per cent
•  Installed in a couple of hours with minimal disruption
•  30 per cent less drill holes when compared to fibre solutions

Potential annual saving

Approximate annual CO2 saving

Up to £250

Around 1040kg

*Source: Energy Saving Trust website, March 2014. Estimated figures based on insulating a detached, gas-heated home.

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