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ThermaBead’s aim is to establish and operate an effective planning system for health and safety management which controls risks, reacts to changing demands and sustains a positive health and safety culture throughout.

We analyse our work processes and procedures and plan to eliminate risks as far as possible by the careful selection and design of work systems, items of equipment and substances, or by reducing the use of physical control measures. Effective planning of the work process will enable us to identify, eliminate or control hazards and risks involved in our work procedures.

We carry out the required generic and site specific risk assessments in line with current statutory requirements.

We prepare written risk control system; or risk control measures; or workplace precautions; or a safe working methodology; or team tool talks to clearly identify what precautions must be adopted to manage the risks identified in our work.

The team leaders/supervisors/foremen are responsible for communicating and cascading the plans, including details of risk assessments and risk control systems or risk control measures to our front line operatives at site.

Risk assessments and risk control measures must be seen as a continuously developing process. Risk assessments are reviewed periodically if there is reason to suspect that they are no longer valid, or if there has been a significant change in the matters to which it relates.

ThermaBead demonstrates its commitment to health and safety within the company by placing it as the No 1 priority and core business value. Our Managing Director is committed to communicating a shared vision and values for health and safety with all of our employees.