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Heat is lost through the walls of your home than in any other way. By investing in cavity wall insulation you can significantly reduce the heat loss from your home. Maintaining the heat inside your home keeps you warm and cosy when you need to be. It also works in reverse by keeping your house cooler in the summer months.

Installing cavity wall insulation in your home will not only help to decrease your heating bills by saving energy lost through the walls, it will also help to reduce your carbon footprint by limiting the amount of CO² and other greenhouse gases emitted from your property.

Many houses since the late 1930’s were built with a cavity between the inner and outer walls. Due to this cavity, many of Britain’s homes have thermal performances which are well below the standards required by current building regulations, with unacceptably high levels of heat and energy loss through the walls. A system was introduced in the 1970’s to inject insulation into these cavity walls, a system which has been finessed by ThermaBead.

Cavity wall insulation is suitable for houses which have a cavity space of at least 40mm between bricks, and held together with wall ties. Unfortunately timber framed, steel framed, random stone and solid wall properties are not suitable for cavity wall insulation. However, they may be suitable for our external wall insulation.

ThermaBead are approved installers of various types of cavity wall insulation systems, and can offer specific advice on which system will best suit the property in question. All work is carefully monitored to ensure that the best standards are achieved and technical regulations are being adhered to.

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Key Features and Benefits

•  Reduces heat loss by up to 35%
•  25 year backed guarantee
•  All systems are BBA approved
•  Materials used are non-combustible
•  No maintenance required
•  Fully trained professionals
•  A variety of systems are available

Call 0800 0210002 to make an enquiry


The Process

ThermaBead’s installation process is designed to be as hassle-free for you as possible and takes just a couple of hours for the average property to have cavity wall insulation fitted.

  1. Our surveyor will advise you of the cost for installing cavity wall insulation and any non-repayable grant that you may be entitled to.

  2. Our call centre will contact you to arrange a convenient time for one of our crews to come and carry out the work.

  3. All loose items around the exterior of the property are removed, and temporarily stored away from the wall surface. If required, any plant growth is either restrained or cut back to clear the working area.

  4. Installation of the insulation commences once site is prepared and safe.

  5. Each elevation of the property has small holes carefully drilled out in compliance with the BBA specification.

  6. Insulation from our specially-equipped vans is blown by a long hose through the holes into each of the property’s elevations.

  7. Once all walls have been treated, the holes are filled and the site is cleaned and previously removed items are replaced.

  8. Final inspection of site is completed with you before the job is signed off.

  9. You receive your 25 year insurance backed guarantee in the post which covers any unlikely defects in materials and workmanship.

  10. You enjoy reduced heating bills in a warm and cosy environment


Site Management

All work carried out is managed in the interests of both the client and ThermaBead’s employees.


Post Installation

Up to 25% of ThermaBead’s work is monitored; either by the department carrying out the work for training and feedback, or the Customer Care team.


Company Policy

All staff will provide a courteous, helpful and friendly service to the highest professional standards. At all times staff will seek to demonstrate a flexible and responsive attitude to the customers. Through our continuous commitment to this objective, we will always endeavour to deliver 100% customer service satisfaction.



ThermaBead have carried out over 80,000 successful installations of its services over the past year alone, and has been carrying out work for 27 years. ThermaBead works with over 100 local authorities and energy agencies on many bespoke projects aimed at insulating homes throughout England and Wales.


Health and Safety

ThermaBead is fully aware of the requirements of the Health and Safety at work etc. Act 1974. It is the goal of the company not only to meet these requirements but, where possible, achieve higher agreed standards through sound policies and procedures that have been agreed throughout the work force.


Right to Cancel

You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without giving and reason.
The cancellation period will expire after 14days from the date of signing the contract.