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Exclusive Rates on Contractors’ Liability Insurance for ThermaBead customers

Working with ThermaBead installers we have an appreciation of the level of insurance that is required. That is why we can negotiate competitive rates and pass the savings on to you.

Here’s how you can benefit from dealing with us:

Wide Cover – Liability Insurance can be complicated and expensive, but we can help you find the right cover, without paying for cover you don’t need.

Dedicated Claims Support – In the event of a claim, we help you with all communication with the insurer so that you can get back to normal quickly.

Competitive Premiums – Insurance is not all about price, but we realise that you need premiums to be competitive – that’s why we look to cut costs without cutting your cover.


That’s not all we can help you with…

If you need a competitive quote on any of your other insurances, we can help you with a wide range of other covers, including:
•  Office Insurance
•  Motor Fleet Insurance
•  Professional Indemnity Insurance
Whatever you need, call us on 01943 876631. We’ve been arranging insurance for clients since 1972, so there is very little that we can’t find the right cover for.


Call us now for a quotation on 01943 876631, or let us know your renewal date, and we’ll contact you when it’s best for you.