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We offer an extensive range of system and industry equipment and tools to give you the peace of mind of a one stop shop to help you meet your BBA quality obligations.

To enable us to enforce and maintain the highest quality standards in the use of our products and systems, we have a Technical Team who regularly assess works carried out on-site to ensure it comes up to the exacting standards we insist upon.

The teams wealth of actual site experience means that we are able to offer approved contractors valuable, hands-on assistance in the application of all ThermaBead systems, as well as offering refresher training, whenever required, to ensure that our contractor network are made aware of any product or methodical improvements.

Following the placement of your first order you will be contacted by your nominated Thermabead Technical Inspector who will discuss any additional training needs followed by a training programme.

A copy will also be supplied for office reference. A training programme will then be agreed, leading to final approval. This is on the proviso that you will have a minimum of two work in progress installations available in order to achieve continuity of training and to facilitate completion of your final approval.

We ask that you return a copy of our Approval Request Form with all the required documentation for each individual technician that you require to be approved before our Inspector’s first visit.

This documentation will include a request for an ACOPs (gas awareness certificate), therefore all nominated technicians will be required to have attended the relevant course.

The inspector will continue to work closely with you ensuring that all further nominated technicians are approved.

Also our technical department can offer an extensive range of system and industry equipment, tools, Thermascopic lance etc to allow you the peace of mind of a one stop shop to help you meet your BBA obligations towards quality.

We also have a Technical Operations Manager available to assist with advice and guidance on any other related issues.

You will receive regular visits from your nominated Inspector as he fulfils his duties as required by the BBA and we would respectfully request your assistance with this. Our aim is always to support and assist, not to hinder, but if there are any serious concerns regarding quality of work then an increased percentage of install and post inspections will be implemented.

De-registration from The Thermabead Network will be at our discretion if compliance or work quality continues to fall below the required standard.