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In order to install cavity wall insulation effectively and in accordance with regulations, a fixed drill pattern around the building must be adopted.

When the survey for cavity wall insulation is carried out, sometimes it is found that the standard injection pattern cannot be achieved around the outside of the property. This can be caused by, but is not restricted to, the following possibilities:

•  Conservatories, sheds or car ports which are attached to the building being insulated
•  An extension has been added turning an external wall into an internal wall
•  Uneven ground outside the building that affects the safe use of ladders
•  Risk of damage to the brickwork

Overcoming these issues could prove to be very costly, and until now they may have required scaffolding or drilling the walls from the inside of the building.

The Thermascopic Bead Lance removes the need for any of the intrusive and disruptive methods above. The lance can be easily extended from 1 metre to 7.3 metres in length and is inserted along the inside of a cavity through a series of drill holes down the side of the property. Use of the lance eliminates the need for drill holes on the face of the wall and the use of expensive access equipment.


Key Features and Benefits

•  Fills up to 7.3m (14.6m from each end)
•  Fills in an upward or downward position
•  No drill holes required on the face of the wall
•  No need to use scaffolding or other access equipment
•  Whole house solution
•  Allows for a complete cavity fill by drilling only the end of the wall
•  Minimal disruption to property and occupants
•  Suitable for use in almost all property types
•  The only BBA approved system in the country
•  25 year guarantee

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