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We have available for sale and lease both new and

used system-ready bead vehicles

There are many advantages to business contract/lease hire, these include:

•  Low Initial Payment: Unlike other forms of finance, typically business contract/lease hire requires three monthly payments upfront. ThermaBead require one month’s lease amount and a security deposit equating to one month’s lease amount.

•  Fixed Monthly Costs: For a set monthly payment, your business gets the use of a vehicle for an agreed duration. How much you pay each month will be determined by a number of factors, the purchase price of the vehicle, the age of the vehicle and the mileage

•  Free Up Capital: Business lease hire is an efficient way of running a vehicle or fleet of vehicles. Rather than tying capital up in depreciating vehicles the company is able to invest in other areas of the business. Vehicle leases do not have to be shown on a balance sheet, which will improve a company's liquidity ratio, gearing and return on assets.

•  Flexibility: Running a fleet using business contract/lease hire gives the company flexibility to respond to changing market conditions. Business contract hire agreements are typically for a 12 month period but shorter term agreements can be available on request..


Frequently Asked Questions

Q  Who insures the vehicle?
A  The lease holder will insure the vehicle.

Q  What lengths of contracts are available?
A  12 month lease agreements are the standard length of time. Although, short term agreements can be available on request.

Q  Who pays the road tax?
A  The first year will be included within the price of the lease agreement. Following that the lease holder will be responsible.

Q  Who services the vehicle?
A  Maintenance of the vehicle is the responsibility of the lease holder. Servicing is required at the required intervals otherwise the agreement could be void.

Q  What is “fair wear and tear”?
A  Reasonable wear and tear consistent with the age and mileage of the vehicle. It will certainly exclude all damage both to the exterior and interior.

Q  Do I have to have the van serviced by a main dealer?
A  Yes.

Q  Can I put my own livery on the vehicle?
A  Yes, as long as it is not permanent and can be easily removed.

New and Used System Ready Vehicles

Our system ready vehicles include a baulk head, inlet and outlet pipework and vented panels

The following list of equipment is classed as a system ready vehicle.

•  Compressor (3.5 tonne van has Compair C14, larger vehicles compressor varies XAS36, XAS37, C14 and others)
•  Compressor to Control board hose assembly
•  ThermaBead Control board ( unique design which incorporates all safety and control components)
•  Adhesive pressure vessel with inlets, outlets and pre filter (safety tested and individually identity marked)
•  2 x hose assemblies (1 x 30M 1 x 45M as standard) includes complete injection gun and adhesive flow gauges.